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Super Record





The choice of materials aims at excellence.

The imperative is: carbon fibre and titanium. All combined with aesthetics designed down to the smallest details. Shifting and braking have never been so easy.

The new Ergopower™ Ultra-Shift™ controls are ideal for the 11-speed drivetrain. The reworked form permits a better grip for the rider’s hand and absolute operating precision. It could not be otherwise given the reduction of the working spaces. The right-hand allows you to shift the chain up to three speeds upwards and up to five downwards. The advantage is in the excellent shifting speed in every situation. Operating fluidity has also been improved. Thanks to a favourable lever ratio the force required for actuating the front and rear derailleurs is a lot lower than with the old controls. The gain amounts to 13 percentage points for the rear derailleur and 18 for the front derailleur.


carbon fibre brake lever grooved at the top

optimum support when gripping high and low

mechanisms on bearings

internal mechanism with titanium parts

fibre insert in the shift lever

Vari-Cushion™ shock absorbers

No-Bulge™ cable passages