Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record UT Chainset.





The use of unidirectional and multidirectional carbon fibre in the Ultra-Hollow™ structure gives the cranks rigidity and lightness.ESP (Enhanced Shifting Performance) ACTUATION SYSTEM™ technology ensures precision and speed when shifting.

We have redesigned the tooth profile to optimize 11-speed operation. Our studies led to the ESP (Enhanced Shifting Performance) ACTUATION SYSTEM™, specially developed to improve shifting timing. Thanks to the new gear design, there are now two diametrically opposed sectors specialized for upshifting, and two downshifting sectors, also diametrically opposed. This solution makes instantaneous shifting possible both up and down. The darker colour of the gears is the result of a new anodization system which confers greater resistance to wear and saline corrosion. 


chainrings with new anodization, corrosion-proof and wear-proof treatment

ultralight aluminium chainrings and screws

Ultra-Torque™ bottom bracket

cups with very low friction seals

hollow structure cranks and spokes

asymmetrical ESP ACTUATION SYSTEM™ geometry for the chainring teeth

CULT™ bearings with premium grade ceramic ball bearings®


full-carbon unidirectional

multidirectional cranks

hollow cranks (Ultra-Hollow™ Structure)

light alloy fixing bolts and nuts – light alloy chainrings with ESP Actuation System™ (Enhanced Shifting Performance)

chainrings with hard anodization treatment

8 pins on the large chainring – CULT™ bearings (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology)

integrated ULTRA-TORQUE™ semi-axles – requires ULTRA-TORQUE™ BB cups

170, 172.5,

175, 177.5,

180 mm,

39-52, 39-53