Here are the top 7 most followed, watched, and wildest cycling races in the world of competitive cycling. Seven cycling races among which you will find the most famous but also exceptional cycling races If you’re a cycling enthusiast like us, here’s an article you might like. If you want cycling and travel, we advise you to read this: the top 7 countries where cycling is very present.

  1. The Tour Down Under in Australia

Established in 1999, the professional cycling race Tour Down Under takes place every year in Australia around the city of Adelaide. This cycling event takes place in the third week of January and consists of 6 stages and is one of the most prestigious cycling race in Oceania. Each year 133 professional cyclists travel the 42.5 kilometers of the circuit. During this cycling event, there are no significant climbs because the roads are mostly flat, which makes the sprinters and riders happy to prepare their season.

But this cycling competition is also the perfect opportunity for the promising young riders of the Australian team to show what they are capable of in an international competition.

  1. Tour of Spain

The Vuelta is the most recent cycling competition of the Grand Tour. Composed of about twenty stages that take place at the end of the summer, this cycling competition was created in 1935 but became annual only in 1955. The first edition gave the possibility to cover a total distance of 3,425 kilometers, from 29 April to 15 May and in fourteen interminable stages with ten of them exceeding 250 km.

For history, the celebration of the end of this first stage was interrupted by the Civil War. Since then, the Vuelta has been regarded in Spain as a well-known and admired cycling competition throughout the country.

  1. World Championship “Gran Fondo”

The world of cycling also in its World competition with the World Championships Gran Fondo. Since 2011, 22 series are organized around the world to select the best riders. An event opens to all categories of runners and which today has 3000 participants from all over the world.

During the 2017 edition in Albi, the Gran Fondo UCI World Championships took place over four days, with three flagship events, 16 categories men and women (from 19 to 70 years old and over in 5-year-old age groups), plus an exceptional category 100 years old and more than 3,000 amateurs expected

  1. Tour of Italy

This cycling event created in 1909 by Tullo Morgagni journalist at the newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport is the second most crucial cycling competition after the Tour de France. Nearly 3,600 kilometers are covered every year across Italy during this cycling competition which celebrated its 100th-anniversary last year. This year the departure will take place outside Europe in Jerusalem, a first for the Giro of Italy.

It is a cycling race primarily dedicated to the climbers with many passes, the most famous of which are the Gavia, which is 2621 meters high, the Stelvio at 2758 meters or the Mortirolo pass which is 1852 meters high.

  1. Tour Across America.

The Race Across America is such a huge cycling event that was just finishing is a lifetime achievement. It was created in 1982 in homage to Georges Nellis who in 1887 crossed the USA following the railway on a bicycle in just under 80 days.

This cycling race takes place every year and links the west coast to the East Coast.

To take part in solo, you must qualify in one of the tests provided for this purpose. The RAAM can run solo or in teams of 2, 4 and eight riders. The course of 4840 km is divided into 54 sections, punctuated by time stations. Suggested Article: 10 tips for a successful cycling race

It is one of the highest levels of sporting achievement, generally considered to be the highest level of ultra-endurance racing in cycling.

  1. The Tour de France.

No one can avoid it, every year in July it is all France that pedals to the rhythm of the Tour de France. A world-famous cycling race created in 1903 with 198 cycling professionals. The Tour de France can be summed up in three figures: 21 stages spread over 23 days and nearly 3,500 kilometers to cover. If the first stages were mostly French, today no less than 40 nationalities are represented in the twenty or so teams registered in this cycling competition. If you love the Tour de France and reading, find the seven books on cycling to read Absolutely.

  1. Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme Race in Russia

Russia hosts the Trans-Siberian Extreme Red Bull, the longest cycling race in the world: in 23 days, ten riders travel more than 9,000 km between Moscow and Vladivostok. This cycling competition has something to give the tour: 313 kilometers for the shortest stage and a record 1360 kilometers in 52 hours for the best time. An amazing race in which riders from Russia, Brazil, Germany or Ireland participate and who have only one thing in mind to push their limits.