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MavicCosmic Carbone Ultimate Wheelset  





Light, fast and stiff along with famous Mavic durability for everyday riding. Fully sealed all carbon rim and R2R spoke design provide excellent strength and stiffness. 40mm profiled rim, profiled carbon spokes and hub flanges provide optimum aerodynamics and yet low lateral drag. Adjustable bearings and unique rear truing system allow for full adjustability and servicability.

The ultimate all-around road racing wheel.

Extremely light at just 1185 g 

12K carbon fiber rim with ultra light foam core

Unidirectional carbon fiber, R2R molded spokes

100% carbon front hub body

Elliptical spokes and rim walls

Molded spokes without nipples, spoke heads or hub slots

Aero shaped front hub body  





Shimano or Campagnolo