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MavicR-SYS Premium  





The R-SYS PREMIUM takes the best of R-SYS TraComp technology and gives it a classy new look. Titanium bolts and skewers as well as carbon hub caps further reduce weight to make it perform as good as it looks.

Stiff to transform all of your power into pure speed

 TracompTM technology prevents loss of tension on spokes to maintain high stiffness under high loads

 Maximized rear wheel dish increases lateral stiffness

 Carbon spokes don’t stretch as much as steel or aluminum ones which limit wheel deflection.

Light for instant acceleration

 Carbon spokes are lighter than their alloy counterpart

 Low stress wheels allow extra light rim extrusion and maximized ISM* to reduce inertia. (*ISM: Inter Spoke Milling).









Shimano or Campagnolo